This week I wrote another guest post for 101 Fundraising about my discovery of the joy of legacy fundraising. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, take a look here.

I’ve written another guest post over at 101 Fundraising. And it’s all about making flakes like me feel better! Have a quick read here.

I’ve been a bit quiet about work lately and I’m finally ready to share why. I’ve written a new post for my work blog, Bluefrog Creative, explaining myself. Have a read.

TEDx Humber College

You may remember me mentioning that back in June 2011, I did my very first TEDx talk. The topic was ‘Finding Your Voice’ and in the early hours of this morning, it has finally been put up online.

It’s quite an emotional thing seeing this thing through to the end. To watch myself speaking on stage is bizarre enough in itself but the fact that I’m also confessing my fears and speaking entirely from the heart, make this a bit terrifying.

But this is how I felt nine months ago and after watching it, it’s not so different than how I feel now. I think these fears are pretty universal so please watch and if you like, share.

Here’s my TEDx talk.


I’ve written a new guest post for 101 Fundraising. Take a read here.

Check out the new blog post I’ve written this week for SOFII here.

The end of the year is a time of reflection – a time to look back and appreciate all the things that helped you to grow. So here are 10 things that changed my life this past year.

Top Ten Discoveries Margaux Made in 2011

1. The power of vulnerability
2. Creative writing
3. Blogging
4. Young Non-Profit Professionals – Toronto
5. A true appreciation for Douglas Adams
6. French macaroons
7. A true appreciation for being Canadian
8. Sunrise Stir-fry Tofu ‘n Sauce
9. Public speaking
10. Amsterdam

And here’s last year’s list for comparison.

Top Ten Discoveries Margaux Made in 2010

1. London, UK
2. Audiobooks
3. Fundraising
4. Harry Potter books
5. Daiya Vegan Cheese
6. Running
7. Toronto
8. Twitter
9. President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop
10. Coaching
And there you have it! Please share your top discoveries of 2011 in the comments and have a lovely 2012 🙂

I’ve written another post for my work blog Bluefrog Creative. Go have a read here.

I was not exactly brought up in a world of charities and donations. Being in this field now, I often deal with an fair bit of skepticism from friends and family. The average person just doesn’t see giving the way those in the third sector do. There’s too much disconnect and the media paints a negative picture (almost always misconstrued).

But I fundamentally believe that giving would improve each and every one of their lives – if they gave to the right cause. I think a lot of the bad feelings towards charity come from the fact that most people haven’t yet found the deep connection they need.  That’s why I’d like to help every single person I meet, especially those I love, find their cause.

For this, I’ll refer to Fraser Green’s 3D donor. (For those unfamiliar, the 3 dimensions of each donor are the head, heart, and soul)

You see, we can all understand the logic of why helping the needy makes sense on some level. Of course we should try to cure diseases and of course we should feed a starving child. And we’re all capable of feeling the universal (but temporary) emotions of happiness, sadness, fear and anger. If you tell me a compelling story, I’ll probably open my wallet and shell out a 20. It’s almost a guarantee. But that’s not my cause. That’s your cause.

My cause is the thing I truly care about most. It’s the most fundamental wrong I see in the world. And it comes from deep inside. It’s a part of who I am.

My cause – me, personally – is to end factory farming. Many of you know there is nothing I find more important. I seek out charities attempting to do this and I follow their work. I donate small amounts when I can, but know someday, I’ll be able to give a lot more. They don’t really know about me but I sure know about them and I tell everyone who will listen. Because this is the cause at the depths of my soul. When I think about it, I can feel my heart double in size and ache with the desire to do something.

My cause is the one I seek out.

But I seek it out because I know how – I know where to look. I think everyone has something in their lives that they feel this passionate about, but most people have no idea what to do about it. So we have to learn to ask the right questions to help unearth this desire to take action and make change.

Because when we find that person who really connects with what we are doing in their soul rather than a simple emotional reaction, we’ll have them for life. And this is immeasurably valuable.

The way I see it, our job as fundraisers isn’t just to convince people to give. It’s to connect people’s souls with the charities that can help them change the world. And I’d like to take on this challenge.

I’ve written a guest post on the Bluefrog Creative blog, all about my new job as a fundraising copywriter. Take a read.