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The end of the year is a time of reflection – a time to look back and appreciate all the things that helped you to grow. So here are 10 things that changed my life this past year.

Top Ten Discoveries Margaux Made in 2011

1. The power of vulnerability
2. Creative writing
3. Blogging
4. Young Non-Profit Professionals – Toronto
5. A true appreciation for Douglas Adams
6. French macaroons
7. A true appreciation for being Canadian
8. Sunrise Stir-fry Tofu ‘n Sauce
9. Public speaking
10. Amsterdam

And here’s last year’s list for comparison.

Top Ten Discoveries Margaux Made in 2010

1. London, UK
2. Audiobooks
3. Fundraising
4. Harry Potter books
5. Daiya Vegan Cheese
6. Running
7. Toronto
8. Twitter
9. President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop
10. Coaching
And there you have it! Please share your top discoveries of 2011 in the comments and have a lovely 2012 πŸ™‚

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