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TEDx Humber College

You may remember me mentioning that back in June 2011, I did my very first TEDx talk. The topic was ‘Finding Your Voice’ and in the early hours of this morning, it has finally been put up online.

It’s quite an emotional thing seeing this thing through to the end. To watch myself speaking on stage is bizarre enough in itself but the fact that I’m also confessing my fears and speaking entirely from the heart, make this a bit terrifying.

But this is how I felt nine months ago and after watching it, it’s not so different than how I feel now. I think these fears are pretty universal so please watch and if you like, share.

Here’s my TEDx talk.


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Time to announce I’ll be a speaker at TEDxHumber on June 1st. I’m pretty nervous but excited too and I have a lot of writing and practicing to do over the next few weeks. I will be speaking about the insecurities and fears that come with emerging from the student world into the workplace and finding your voice.


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